1. Over the Summer (2013), my design partner, Danielle Herrerra, and my project has been under construction! It is still a work in progress, but I am so please with the whole experience. After our design was selected as the finalist, our school hired AC Martin as the architectural firm for the project. We got to work closely with them to draw up the construction documents. We frequently visited the job site during the summer to watch the construction take place. This experience has been such a thrill and honor!

  2. TEMPO Hotel- Venice California

    Venice is an eclectic and vibrant city with a rich historical presence and distinct organic rhythm. The datum of the city’s evolution stems from Abbott Kinney’s dream of creating and American Renaissance. Over time, the city has evolved and transformed out of these cultural idealogies to become the unique place it is today. The hotel’s design re-envisions Kinney’s intent of creating a cultural hub. It incorporates historical elements, but adapts them into a modern aesthetic, achieving a unique expression of form and material. 

  3. Design of Loft in Downtown Long Beach-

    The Unpredictability of a Poet and an Engineer Cohabiting

    As two different individuals co-exist in a singular space, there is a surprising discovery as they uncover hidden characteristics amongst all of the previously exposed traits. They learn that each are multi-faceted beings with many sides that one cannot see all at once. 

  4. CSULB- Academic Services Corridor

    My partner, Danielle Herrerra and I worked together to redesign the entrance corridor to an important building on our campus. Our goal was to focus on transforming the uninteresting hallway into a memorable and youthful learning space that is conducive for collaboration, individual study, and rest, while maintaining the functionality for a high traffic space. Out of 9 designs, ours was selected to be built during the summer of 2013!

  5. Cosmo Street Office- Santa, Monica

    For this project, I worked with a partner, Ashley Eckenrod. Together we redesigned the Santa Monica office of an editing company called Cosmo Street. They are a playful and unique company who was focused on bringing in more life and personality into their plain space. Our goal with the design was to convey the idea of editing in an irreverent way. We did this by researching and dissecting the world of editing and we determined that the power of editing lies in “the control of the sequence.” We thought that this concept was also useful architecturally because we wanted to administer some control in how people move through and experience the space. 

  6. This is luminaire I constructed out of sheet plastic. It features faceted, angled surfaces with triangular cut-outs. The inner form is made from the negative shapes from the outer-form. 

  7. Pop-up Store design- Bonobos Mens Apparel

    The concept of the design for the pop-up shop was derived from Bonobos’ strong focus on FIT. The design showcases this concept by use of INTERLOCKING systems, which exhibit two pieces “fitting” together. This type of system is highly desirable for pop-up shop for easy installion and assembly. Additionally, the design incporporates an important CURVE which represents the essential curve in the waistband on Bonobos’ pants. 

  8. Retail Store Design- Kelly Green: Sustainable Goods and Products. 

    Kelly Green Home is a retail store that focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable goods and materials. They aim to inspire customers to consume with a conscience. The design of the retail store abides by this eco-friendly mentality. It utilizes reclaimed and sustainable materials such as concrete, wood, bamboo, and cork. It also includes a self-irrigating living wall which demonstrates the healthful and exquisite qualities of nature. Nature and growth are the inspirations and concepts for the architecture and materials selection within the space. 

  9. SET DESIGN- Courtney Chiang Fall 2011 Collection

  10. My 3-D puzzle. I made a silicone mold, then poured plastic resin that I added pigment to. One form, many possible interactions!

  11. PRODUCTION DESIGN- ‘Daytime Moons,’ short film by Cameron Dutra

  12. PRODUCTION DESIGN- Red Light Sky, ‘A Fair Fight’- music video